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Your Name: All Set for Success!


You've got it and you want to tap into it. You want the world to see, hear and know it.


You've got this abundantly and it's shining through everything you do.

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It's yours alone and defines you, the artist. The world will feel it and love it and love you.

What's in A Name?

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Glad you asked. If you are an artist, your name is the essence of YOU. A website does not define you, but it should represent you, your talents, your achievements and capabilities to the rest of the world, in the best possible light.

If you are an artist or community organization, your website will convey your mission, history and present your future plans.

A well built website is one of the best possible tools that can help promote you and your activities to the widest audience. And with your help, I'll make it happen. Yes, it will be a joint effort because you have a vested interest in this.

On behalf of Make A Name I will strive to build the best and most comprehensive website that will help you present yourself to the world, as the unique individual that you are.


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What I Do and How I Do It (in a nutshell)


That's something that we have to discuss before we start in earnest to develop the site. There are too many variables to consider.

But, as an example, a basic website with 5 pages (e.g. Home, Bio, Gallery, News, Contact) built based on a single responsive template or theme (thus adequate for a mobile platform) could start as low as $300, with additional pages as low as $30 each. Maintenance is negotiable and depends on how frequent and extensive it is.

We'll discuss all the details beforehand and we'll agree on terms before I start any work.