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Who I Am

My name is Christina Soochan and as a second career I build, improve, optimize and maintain websites mostly for artists. I am known on the web as Webado, as an alter ego that has risen from my main website, www.webado.net.

Why artists? Well it's because I prefer art to business. Or rather I prefer the business of art over that of commerce.

I have been doing this since about 2001 and I have helped several musicians and artist organizations build a successful and worthy web presence. Some of those are illustrated on this site's portfolio page.

Over the years I have learned a lot about web design and optimization and how to help sites perform almost as well as the rising stars for whom I have built them.

It's always a pleasure dealing with artists, especially young ones. I love following their careers and creating their websites for them allows me this awesome indulgence.

Maybe it's the groupie in me, but I feel I can truly say yeah, I know this great pianist or guitarist or singer-songwriter up close and personal. It also tends to get me on the guest list at their shows, which is priceless.

It might be worth mentioning that I offer my services in both English and French.